Connecting to Strava

Connecting your Strava account to StrideOn allows your completed activities to automatically sync to your StrideOn account. This is especially helpful if your device is not yet supported on StrideOn. The connection also allows you to share some of your workout details to your Strava activity (such as the name of your workout, a breakdown of the workout and how it went).

Connecting Strava to StrideOn

In the StrideOn app:

  • Tap the left menu icon and choose “General Settings”
  • Tap “App Connections”
  • Next to the Strava logo, tap “Connect”
  • You’ll be directed to Strava where you can log into your account and authorize the connection
  • After authorizing the connection, close out the window by tapping “Done” or “X” at the top of the screen
  • You should now see a red “Disconnect” button. This means your Strava account is now connected to StrideOn
  • Tap the “Done” button to exit.

At this point, you’re connected! Any completed activities that appear in your Strava feed will also sync to your StrideOn profile.

Sharing Workout Details to Strava

If you selected the “Upload Your Activities from StrideOn to Strava” option during the steps above (figure 6), then you’ll have the ability to share the details of your workouts to Strava. This allows you to enter those details once in StrideOn and not have to re-enter those same details in Strava.

StrideOn will typically send workouts up to three days in advance. For example, a sync that takes place Monday at midnight will include all scheduled structured workouts thru Thursday.

Strava activities not appearing in StrideOn? Try these troubleshooting steps.

First, please note that if you have a supported device connected to StrideOn, we’ll use the activity from your device and discard what Strava sends. For example, if you’ve connected both Garmin AND Strava, and you record a run, they’ll both send activity data to StrideOn. If we determine that the data is from the same workout, then the data sent from Garmin is what will appear in your calendar.

Try is to disconnect then reconnect Strava with StrideOn.

  • Access your App Connections as shown above.
  • Tap the “Disconnect” button next to the Strava logo
  • Go through the steps outlined above to reconnect to Strava
  • Look for Strava activity data to appear in StrideOn after your next workout.