Connecting to Garmin

Connecting your Garmin device to StrideOn allows your completed activities to automatically sync to your StrideOn account. This also allows you, your coach or the app to send structured workouts to your device to help guide and keep you on pace.




Connecting Garmin to StrideOn

In the StrideOn app:

  • Tap the left menu icon and choose “General Settings”
  • Tap “App Connections”
  • Next to the Garmin logo, tap “Connect”
  • You’ll be directed to Garmin Connect where you can log into your account and authorize the connection
  • Finally, close out the window by tapping “Done” or “X” at the top of the screen
  • You should now see a red “Disconnect” button. This means your Garmin Connect account is now connected to StrideOn
  • Tap the “Done” button to exit.

At this point, you’re connected! Any activities you complete on your device will sync to your StrideOn profile.

Structured Workouts

If you selected the “Training” option during the steps above (figure 6), then any structured workouts added to your StrideOn calendar will automatically sync to your Garmin Connect account daily (around midnight CST). Garmin Connect will then, transfer the workout to your device.

StrideOn will typically send workouts up to three days in advance. For example, a sync that takes place Monday at midnight will include all scheduled structured workouts thru Thursday.

Workout not on your device? Try these troubleshooting steps.

1. Open Garmin Connect and confirm that the structured workout is in your calendar.

2. If the workout is in your GC calendar:

  • Confirm that your device is reachable from Garmin Connect. If your device icon is faded and unresponsive, you may need to disconnect/reconnect Bluetooth on your device and/or phone.
  • Tap on your device icon at the top to force GC to sync with your device.
  • Check the training calendar on your device again to confirm the workout is present

3. If the workout is NOT on your GC calendar:

  • In the StrideOn app, go to your calendar and tap on the workout to open it
  • Tap on the “Sync with Device” button on the right
  • Once you receive the confirmation popup, open GC and confirm that the workout is in the calendar.
  • If the workout appears in GC, tap on your device icon at the top to force GC to sync workouts to your device.

4. Another option to try is to disconnect then reconnect Garmin Connect with StrideOn.

  • Access your App Connections as shown above.
  • Tap the “Disconnect” button next to the Garmin logo
  • Go through the steps outlined above to reconnect Garmin Connect
  • Repeat Step 3 in this section to manually sync the workout(s)