Blocking an Athlete

Blocking an athlete means that they won’t be unable to see your posts, activities nor interact with you. When you block or unblock someone, we will not notify them.

How to Block an Athlete

  1. Click on the athlete’s name or photo to access their profile
  2. Click the ellipses icon (three dots) in the upper-right of their profile page
  3. Choose “Block Athlete”
  4. Tap “PROCEED” when asked to confirm the block

Here’s what happens after blocking an athlete

  • The athlete will be removed from any training groups you own. You will be removed from any groups they own.
  • If the athlete is your coach, that relationship will be terminated. This includes removing any active training plans from your calendar. This also applies if you are their coach.
  • You can no longer follow each other
  • You won’t see each other’s activities
  • You can’t tag you in posts
  • You can’t send each other coaching, group or any other invites
  • You can’t see or interact with each other’s posts in any training groups.
  • Will still be able to view each other’s public profile (name, photo and follower counts)
  • Only you can remove the block.
  • If you wish to unblock the athlete, you can do so from their profile page. You will need to manually re-establish any following, group or coaching relationships