Welcome to Race Week!

First, we congratulate you on making it this far! You’ve survived several tough weeks of training and endured many challenges, both mental and physical, along the way. So, let’s lock in your gains and get the most out of your racing experience with these quick race week tips.

The Hay is in the Barn

This is a popular saying that means you’ve done all the work you can do to prepare for the race. There’s no new fitness to gain by cramming in additional workouts beyond what’s been laid out for you in your training plan. Your workouts should be short and straightforward, with a focus towards keeping you sharp.

Nothing New!

Avoid trying anything new this week. So, don’t eat any foods you’ve never tried. Don’t try any new strength or mobility routines. And, in your personal life, avoid taking on any new projects (such as cleaning out your garage). And, of course, don’t try any new gear. Even if you can do a test run, chances are, they won’t be long enough to know if the gear will workout in the later miles.

Recovery is King

To ensure you arrive at the start line fresh and feeling your absolute best, focus on recovery. Continue to taper off your workouts and don’t add any additional workouts. Feel free to stretch and massage, as long as it’s not too aggressive and nothing you haven’t done before (this isn’t the week to try out those cool recovery boots or floating in saltwater). And be sure to get lots of quality sleep, especially in the 1-2 nights before the race. Sleeping the night before the race might be difficult, but as long as you’ve been sleeping well throughout the week, you’d still be fine.

Get Ready to Carb Load

And we’re not talking about that big, pre-race pasta dinner the night before. Hopefully, you’ve practiced carb-loading during training, but either way, you’ll want to think about increasing your carbs in the 2-3 days before your race. Check out the Carb Calculator in the app for suggested carb intake and tips for a successful carb load.

Have Fun

Be sure to take in and enjoy the WHOLE experience. The expo, pre- and post-race meals, shakeout run, meeting other runners, post-race party and time with family and friends are all a celebration of your accomplishments.

You earned this. You got this.

StrideOn to the finish!

Coach Louis Green

Note: If you’re working with a coach then any plans, workouts and guidance they’ve given you should take precedence over the information presented here.