Connecting Apple Watch via Watchletic

Connecting your Watchletic account allows your StrideOn workouts to be synced to your Apple Watch and any workouts you completed in Watchletic will automatically sync to your StrideOn calendar.

Connecting Watchletic to StrideOn

From the Watchletic app:

  • On your iPhone, download Watchletic from the App Store
  • Open the app and tap Integrations
  • Next tap the Connect to StrideOn button
  • Tap Continue on the notification asking to connect to
  • You’ll be directed to StrideOn to authorize the connection. Please login to accept.
  • After authorizing the connection, you’ll be redirected back to Watchletic
  • In the Integrations section, if the Auto Export and Import Workouts options are grayed out, you’ll need to join the Watchletic Club to enable them.

Watchletic Club Subscription

In order to sync workouts to and from StrideOn, you’ll need a paid membership to Watchletic.

  • Tap Settings from the bottom menu
  • From the Settings screen, tap the Watchletic Club button
  • Follow the prompts to sign up for a membership
  • Once complete, the Import and Export features in the Integrations section should be enabled.

At this point, you’re connected! Any upcoming structured workouts on your StrideOn calendar will be synced to Watchletic on your Apple Watch. Also, any runs you complete with the Watchletic app will sync to your StrideOn calendar.

Completed Watchletic activities not appearing in StrideOn? Try these troubleshooting steps.

Open the Watchletic App

  • Go to Integrations and make sure “Auto Export Workouts” is turned on
  • Go to Calendar
    • Choose the completed workout
    • Tap Export at the top of the workout
    • Select Export to StrideOn