Cancel or Delete Your Account

If you wish to discontinue your use of the StrideOn app and platform, then, in addition to uninstalling the app, you have two options for canceling your account. These options are:

Cancel Account

This option will deactivate your account. Your training calendar, planned and completed workouts, profile and all other features will be inaccessible to you and invisible to other users. A canceled account can be reactivated by request within 60 days. After 60 days, a canceled account may be permanently deleted.

This will also stop all future billing, if applicable.

Choose this option if you wish to leave StrideOn but not sure if you want to do so permanently.

Delete All Data

Choosing this option will result in ALL of your data being PERMANENTLY DELETED. Your data will be deleted from our active user database within 7 days, and after 30 days, your data will also be removed from our backups.

This will also stop all future billing, if applicable

Choose this option if you wish to leave StrideOn and are absolutely sure you wish to delete all data. If you are a coach with athletes or if you own any training groups, be sure to inform all affected athletes before proceeding with this option.

How to Cancel or Delete Your Account

  1. Tap the menu icon to slide out the left menu
  3. To cancel your account
    • Tap “Cancel Account”
    • Tap “Yes, Proceed” from the confirmation box
  4. To delete your account
    • Tap “Delete All Data”
    • Tap “Yes, Proceed”  from the confirmation box

Here’s what happens when you cancel your account

  • Your main user account will be deactivated, and it will be immediately inaccessible
  • Other athletes will be unable to find or view your user profile.
  • Your data will remain in our database for at least 60 days, after which it may be permanently deleted.

Here’s what happens when your data is deleted

  • Your main user account will be deleted. This includes your name, email address, username and all other data in your user profile.
  • Your activities, both planned and completed, will be deleted
  • Any training groups that you created will be archived and permanently inaccessible. Your comments and reactions (i.e. likes) will be deleted from them.
  • Any comments or reactions you made in any training groups or activity feed will be removed.
  • All photos that you’ve uploaded will be deleted
  • You will be removed as a follower from all athletes
  • You will be removed as an athlete from your coach(es), if applicable
  • All goals, achievements, awards and gear will be removed
  • If you’re a coach
    • All training plans and associated workouts will be removed
    • All athletes will be disassociated from you