RRCA Level I Certified Coach

I’m a lifelong, avid runner and I fully enjoy all the benefits that come from the sport: improved fitness and wellness, stress relief, recreation and occasional competition. While I’m not a pro or elite runner, I am driven, motivated and understand the value of putting in the work to succeed in training while always deriving enjoyment from the sport.

I originally started running because I didn’t have the skill nor interest to play any other sport. Then later in life, it’s become an activity and sport I’ve grown to love immeasurably; so much so that I now want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for running and help others appreciate and enjoy the sport while reach their goals. 

It started with me mentoring with our local Fleet Feet half-marathon programs. Then I began planning routes and organizing track workouts to do alongside my running friends, and now I’m expanding into one-on-one and group coaching and developing an app that gives both runners and coaches the training plans and tools they need to get the most out of their training and racing.

PHILOSOPHY; Strength, Discipline, Patience and Enjoyment

My philosophy centers around building the physical and mental strength to progress through training and take on your goal race, having the discipline to follow the plan and prescribed workouts, and being patient enough to handle the ups and downs, good days and bad days.

Most importantly, I want to ensure that you are enjoying your running journey. To that end, helping you avoid injury is one way to accomplish this, because, after all, you can’t enjoy running if you’re constantly in pain. Also, we’ll keep the workouts varied and interesting. 


1-mile: 6:05

5K: 20:46

10k: 45:12

Half marathon: 1:38

Marathon: 3:37