Challenge yourself, effortlessly.

Improve speed, endurance, fitness, and your overall enjoyment of running.

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Use StrideOn’s powerful calendar to plan your weekly training.
Use our smart wizards to create fun workouts and focused training plans.
Join a group to connect, train together and challenge each other to boost motivation.
Meet your calendar

You're one quick glance away from knowing what you're doing and how you're doing.

Easily review upcoming and past workouts, and adjust your schedule as needed.

Guided Workouts

Choose from our library of challenging structured workouts, or build your own with just a few taps. Workouts are personalized to your pace and heart rate zones.

Sync workouts to your Garmin device to help guide and keep you on pace.

Every run, every week

You'll always feel motivated to run and feel accomplished when you're done with...

  • Awards for smart running
  • Personalized coaching tips
  • Encouragement from training partners

Free your mind and run free.

Sometimes we run just for the love of running. Other times, we need a plan to tackle those race and training goals or even a hectic life. Let StrideOn eliminate the guesswork and save that mental energy for your workout!

Workout Library

Built-In Workouts
Spice up your routine by dropping a StrideOn workout to your calendar. It will sync to your Garmin device to keep you on pace. New workouts added weekly!
Build Your Own
Using an insanely easy workout builder, create your own workouts with just a few taps. For more "fun", you can even build random workouts, where the hard and easy intervals are created for you based on the level of difficulty you choose!

Stats and Insights You Actually Care About

Say goodbye to endless layers of data, metrics and analytics that you’ll never understand or put to use.

StrideOn only gives you what you need to know to help you run smarter and stronger.

Much More to Come!

This is only a preview of what StrideOn is all about.
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