Weekly Speed Workout – 03.11.20


WEEKLY WORKOUT! 6 x 800 Mixed Pace Intervals

Time to mix it up a little by running several intervals at a variety of paces.

  • 1 mi warm-up
  • 800m @ tempo pace
  • 2 x 800m @ 10K pace
  • 800m @ 5K pace
  • 2 x 800m @ 10K pace
  • 400m recovery after each interval, except last
  • 1 mi cool down

This workout should total around 6.25 miles.

If you’re more or less ambitious, you can add or subtract intervals

To figure your target paces, use the pace predictor at https://app.strideon.run/home/race_predictor.

Every Wednesday, we’ll publish a weekly workout for Thursday (or whenever you want to do it). If you’re closely following a training program or are being coached, you can skip. Otherwise, feel free to follow along!

Stride On!

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